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Dr Hafeez Ahmed
Reliable. Professional. Friendly.


Hafeez Ahmed

Dentist and Periodontal Specialist

A litte more about me

  I qualified as a Dentist in 1991 and then as a Periodontal Specialist in 2001. All of my qualifications were gained here in the UK by formal examination after completion of the appropriate training.

  For my entire career, I’ve worked mainly in dental practice alongside which I have taught part-time in a variety of university teaching hospitals in the UK.

  I was born in Birmingham in the West Midlands and am married with 3 children. 

  I’m a principled conscientious family man and a passionate supporter of the emerging generation. I have a pleasant friendly manner and would call myself a people’s person.


  My greatest passion is caring for people and my second one is ‘people watching’. I especially like pondering over how relationships are formed and maintained. This is partly evidenced in the project I chose to complete as my MSc thesis in 1999, it was titled: “The Association Between Personality Dimensions And Patient Compliance With Oral Hygiene Instructions”


  As a specialist periodontist my expertise is broad and lies at the cross roads between clinical dentistry, behavioural psychology and general wellbeing. Gum disease shares close links with many medical conditions and stress. The  most significant part of the treatment is patient education, counselling, support and encouragement. In managing patients needs I often co-ordinate with their other care providers.


  I am highly trained, experienced and versed in responding to and advising on matters of general medical, personal and social health which link to gum disease. I have gained 30 years of experience managing patients and students from diverse cultural, social and financial backgrounds. Helping them understand their expectations - which are often misguided and challenging. The experience has taught me to be realistic and pragmatic. Over time and with experience I have developed an ‘all things considered’; ‘win-win’; ‘make it happen’ approach.


  Some of my previous experiences as a former whistleblower make me a ‘person of character’ and a ‘person of interest’; this will create perceptions of me that are good and also other ones that are potentially bad.


  I have audited, analysed and reported on my work throughout my career in Practice and University. I pride myself on being able to communicate in a simple and effective way thus ensuring understanding and compliance.

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