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Dentist and Periodontal Specialist

Dr Hafeez Ahmed

  • South Molton Street, Mayfair, London

  • Binswood Avenue, Royal Leamington Spa, Warwickshire

A Good Reason to Smile

Reliable. Professional. Friendly.


About me

  I qualified as a Dentist in 1991 and then as a Periodontal Specialist in 2001.

For my entire career, I’ve worked mainly in dental practice alongside which I have taught part-time in a variety of university teaching hospitals.

I was born in Birmingham in the West Midlands and am married with 3 children.

My Qualifications

BDS.  University of Wales 1991

DGDP.  Royal College of Surgeons England 1996

M.Sc. Periodontology Guys Dental London 1999

FDS. Royal College of Surgeons Edinburgh 2000

MClin Dent Periodontology  GKT London 2001

MRD.  Royal College of Surgeons England 2001    PGCAP. Kings Learning Institute, London 2012                                                                                  


Services I Offer

  Ideally, it works best if you register with a general dentist for your routine care.

Your dentist then has the option to refer you to me with anything that fails to respond to routine care, like complicated gum disease, for example. 

I am also particularly good at complicated extractions, wisdom teeth and dental implants

I take referrals by phone, text, e-mail, letter formally or informally, whatever suits you best.

In select cases I provide the full range of restorative treatment as necessary, fillings, crowns, bridges, sometimes even braces.

Testimonials from Dentists I have worked with

Specialist Registration 

Patients Comments


Linda Cheyne


  I’d been with the same dentist for 15 years and trusted him. When he retired I got the shock of my life, all my ducking, diving, denial and penny pinching resulted in me losing most of my teeth.

  Dr Ahmed has always been honest and kind and firm. I wish my previous dentist had been firmer with me.

  We now live in Wiltshire but still travel to London to see him.

An Innocent Victim

  In keeping with my values in 2015 I raised some concerns about compromises to patient safety and poor standards of education at the University Teaching Hospital I was employed as a part-time Specialist Teacher.

  What resulted was a pretty nasty "Wizard of Oz" style adventure which ended with me publishing a book - an irreverent one - majoring on institutionalised corruption and being bullied for having done the right thing.

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